The learning experience is the visceral, physical and emotional framework that supports the learner on their journey. It must be well understood and highly considered to ensure that the learner maximises their potential and importantly, remains engaged with the process. The design of a positive and successful learning experience requires the understanding of the learner and their objectives, the provision of necessary resources, a suitable learning environment, the application of research-led pedagogy, and empathic, informed guidance. My professional work with a variety of learning institutions has involved the development of strategies and implementing sustainable solutions for improving all these aspects of the learning experience for their learners.

Below you will find details of learning experiences I have designed to help learners of all ages acquire knowledge, develop new skills and grow their character. My work is heavily influenced by the pedagogy of Construction including all those brilliant minds that inspired it and have been inspired by it to bring education into the 21st Century. I embody this philosophy in my work as it shows us the power of recruiting the learner's natural curiosity of the lived experience, and engaging them directly with, it to help them discover their interests and abilities and fire their passion for a positive, lifelong journey of learning. Furthermore, to prepare learners for a highly dynamic and tech-driven future of work, we must create experiences that go beyond knowledge acquisition and towards the development of self-efficacy, creative confidence, resilience and understanding of the communities in which we are all inextricably linked.


By creating agile learning environments that can facilitate project-based, maker-centered learning, and meets the modes


These projects considered integration of technologies, tools and (often dynamic) furnishings, as well as how lighting, flooring & materials can positively impact effective creative collaboration, communication and project development. The layout and structure of each space has been optimised to support multiple modes and styles of learning while maximising engagement and access for its users. At all times the wellbeing and safety of students is at the forefront of all design decisions.