Cool Christmas Presents I Want | 2021

I thought I would share some of the cool things I've come across lately that caught my eye as making very cool Christmas presents. Distantly-echoing hint aside, these are things I just happen to think are cool. I'm not affiliated with any of them, although I know the awesome folk at Bastl Instruments, and Anna Murray, and I actively encourage you to support both of them. Prices are the first ones I saw or made up.

Raspberry Pi 400


It’s a Raspberry Pi. It’s a keyboard. A Raspberry Pi 400. It’s a Raspberry Pi designed into a keyboard.
Raspberry Pi 400 incorporates a purpose-built board based on Raspberry Pi 4. Featuring the same powerful processor, Raspberry Pi 400 has specially designed thermals to keep your computer cool and silent while you’re hard at work.
The GPIO pins remain accessible, so if you want to explore beyond the desktop, you can connect components and prototype your projects."

It's an expandable computer in a keyboard for no mone