Gesher Secondary School Makerhub, London

In August 2021, I was hired to put together a proposal for a Makerhub for the Gesher School in North-West London. Gesher is an Ofsted Outstanding Primary School currently in the development phase, expanding into an all-through school for students aged 4-16 years. The school caters to students with a range of mild to moderate special educational needs (SEN) including Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia and Down's Syndrome.

In preparation for the development of their secondary school, Gesher has been collaborating with Planning Learning Spaces (PLS) in Practice via an iterative facilitation process to ensure that the school’s student & curriculum goals are wholly integrated with the design and functionality of their learning environment.

One output from this process was the decision to create a central Makerhub whose capabilities permeate the school’s entire learning ecosystem and enable design & maker-centered learning to be central to the Gesher learning experience.

As an associate of PLS, specialising in on-site resources for experiential, hands-on learning, including learning environment design, technology integration and curriculum design, I was invited to collaborate on developing a sustainable solution that would meet the project's goals.