Hybrid Live Coding Interfaces 2021: Beyond the Screen Pt. 1

Hybrid Live Coding Interfaces: Beyond the Screen aims to bring together current thinking on how live coding techniques can be combined with other algorithmic practices, and augmented and hybridised with gestural and physical interfaces. It will take place online, over six hours of workshops spread over two days on 28-29th July 2020 (16:00 - 19:00 UTC, both days).

Curated by Montreal-based artist Kofi Oduro (illestpreacha), Hybrid Live Coding Interfaces 2021: Beyond the Screen invites practitioners of live coding and those that are adjacent to submit proposals for lightning talks, mini-performances, speculations/ponderings and/or art works.

Live coding isn’t just about what is written on the screen but also the state of mind, the expression that is being executed by the performer in relation to or in accordance with the state of the intended audience.

Exploring the World with all its Might How does Livecoding add to this sight Does code look at world so bright? Or fractions of a world at night? Livecoding doesn’t have to be view through the lenses of a computer screen For the world lives beyond the area of where are desks reside This session will not only explore the world but the views that come along with said exploration

Presenters, Day 1, Session 1 - Exploring the World: