STEAMConf Barcelona 2021

The 2021 edition of STEAMConf begins Wednesday 20th October in Barcelona, streamed online via Youtube (see below for links to recordings). This enlightened and enlightening education conference, whose program runs between Wednesday 20th and Saturday 23rd October. The conference will cover a range of topics related to STEAM learning including tinkering as pedagogy, learning in the community, emotional wellbeing & building resilience, contemporary technologies for STEAM learning & maker-centered learning in practice.



I have attended this conference in person twice previously and have always found it incredibly insightful and valuable for my own understanding of global practice. I've always thoroughly enjoyed the conversations it evokes, workshops and the quality of speakers it attracts.

Speaking this year there are individuals some of the most innovative projects and institutions in the world working to the envelope on researched-based educational development and practice related to STEAM including Sesame Street, Make: Education, San Francisco's Exploratorium, the Community Science Workshops and Chibitronics. Full list of speakers.

The conference also invites local schools, businesses and community resources related to STEAM education and its development across Catalunya and Spain to share their stories each day.

The conference is overseen by Mariona A. Cíller, co-founder and director of Barcelona's SokoTech.


The talks/speakers I will be following and blogging during the conference can be found below:

Day 1 - Wednesday, Oct. 20th

18:00 CEST - DOING, a fundamental learning process from 0 to 100 years - Nancy Otero


Day 2 - Thursday, Oct. 21st

18:00 CEST - THREE Local Experiences:

  1. Transformation of the technology classroom into a Maker Space - Pau Folch Marin

  2. Educational transformation of the Montessori School through Tinkering - Sara Pardo Fernandez

  3. Children’s rights at the Mestre Morera school during the 2020-2021 academic year - María Belloch Cobles Pont

18:45 CEST - Community Science Workshops (CSW) - Curt Gabrielson


Day 3 - Friday, Oct. 22nd

15:30 CEST - SEL: Big Emotions and Building Resilience in Children - Rosemarie T. Truglio

16:20 CEST - Alexandria, a city underwater - Júlia Oliveros, student (8 years old), Víctor Villar, student (11 years old), Rosa Pastor & Robert Salas.

16:25 CEST - THREE Local Experiences:

  1. How to implement a Tinkering classroom in a center of maximum complexity, Eva Bernabeu Farrús

  2. STEAM artistic projects, IEA ORIOL MARTORELL, Amelia Mañà & Joan Pedroche

  3. STEAM at natural environment, Mercè Barnés

17:10 CEST - Start them young: tinkering in Early Childhood - Luigi Anzivino


Day 4 - Saturday, Oct. 23rd

11:30 CEST - SIX Local Experiences:

  1. How STEAM has changed the education project of the ESC Joan Miró - Jesús Pérez

  2. Robotseny, a successful STEAM experience in Baix Montseny - Míriam Pellicer, Marta Esteve & David Codina

  3. STEAM in the lands of Lleida - Esther Pintó Pagès

  4. STEAM Projects, THE MOON IN DETAIL - Anicet Cosialls Manonelles

  5. Student participation in Forums as a strategy to motivate and reinforce learning - Marisa Salgado Vallvey

  6. Robolot, EDUCATIONAL NETWORK for air quality - Toni Moreno

13:10 CEST - The Wonderful World of Paper Circuits - Jie Qi


Keep an eye out for follow-up blog posts and this year's talks/speakers...